Configured is a simple and lightweight mod for accessing and modifying configuration files of supported mods while in-game. Configured supports the ability to change the client, common and server configurations! This mod can be safely added to any modpack without any problems.

  • 📃 Supports editing client, common and server configurations (client files only). This can be done from the main menu or even in-game!

  • ✨ A simple and intuitive design for quick modification of config values

  • 🔑 Adds a new keybinding to open the mod list from in-game without additional mods.

  • 🔨 Automatically supports every mod that utilises the Forge config system. No extra work needed mod developers!

  • ⭐ Lightweight and just works! Add it to your modpack without any problems.


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S = Stable

B = Beta

A = Alpha