Download MrCrayfish's Gun Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5


S MrCrayfish's Gun Mod v1.2.0

Requires Obfuscate

Minecraft 1.16.5
Modloader forge
  • 📖 Changelog
    What's new in this version
  • ✨ Added costmetic weapon sway. This means when you turn your view or jump, the weapon will react to the movement.
    ✨ New aiming and bobbing animations for weapons
    ✨ New sounds for Pistol, Assault Rifle, Machine Pistol and Grenade Launcher
    ✨ Added support for Backpacked to pull ammo from backpacks
    ✨ Lots of new configuration options to customise your experience!
    📦 Rebalanced Shotgun and Machine Pistol
    📦 Changed view offset of Short Scope
    📦 Improved bullet impact sound and particles
    🐛 Fixed client mixins loading on servers
    🐛 Fixed guns turning invisible when firing
  • 📦 Dependencies
    Mods you may be required to install
  • Dependencies

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