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S MrCrayfish's Gun Mod v1.3.0

Requires Framework

Minecraft 1.19.2
Modloader forge
  • 📖 Changelog
    What's new in this version
  • ✨ New "Aim Down Sight" experience for Scopes and Iron Sights.
    ✨ New meta file system to provide custom data for models, such as the position of the camera, animations, and more. They can be overriden with a simple resource pack!
    ✨ Projectiles fired from weapons with Accelerator with now be noticeably faster.
    ✨ Added new "fragile" block tag. This is a speical tag to indicate which blocks can be broken when impacted by a projectile. You can override this tag with a datapack!
    ✨ Bells will now ring if you shoot them
    📦 One handed weapons will clearly show they can't be used when blocking with a shield.
    📦 Scopes now require Amethyst to craft. This was inspired by the Spyglass
    📦 It's now possible for addon developers to create attachments specific to a weapon
    🐛 Fixed Medium and Long scope not working with mods that add shaders
    🐛 Fixed attachments menu not opening in some cases
    🐛 Fixed bows and other items working in offhand when aiming
  • 📦 Dependencies
    Mods you may be required to install
  • Dependencies

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