Download Catalogue for Minecraft 1.20.5


S Catalogue v1.10.0

Minecraft 1.20.5
Modloader fabric
  • 📖 Changelog
    What's new in this version
  • ✨ Updated to Minecraft 1.20.5
    ✨ Added the ability to change the position of the catalogue button (see in config folder)
    ✨ Improved the design of the menu to fit with the new 1.20.5 transparent style
    📦 A default background will now be applied when one isn't available from the mod
    📦 Icons will now be used for the banner is no banner is available from the mod
    📦 Last search will now be remembered when returning to the mod list
    🐛 Fixed narration output on some widgets
    🐛 Fixed exiting mod list not returning to previous screen
  • 📦 Dependencies
    Mods you may be required to install
  • Dependencies

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