Catalogue provides a menu that displays a list of all mods installed, which can be accessed from the main menu or in-game. The new menu makes it easier to search installed mods, submit bugs and see relevant mod information. This mod allows you to have a consistent experience regardless of the mod loader. Catalogue features a non-intrusive API for developers to open a configuration screen for their mod or even provide them for other mods.

  • ✨ Completely replaces the mod list with a modernised design

  • 📚 Library for developers to customise the branding of their mod

  • ✅ Consistent experience regardless if loaded with Forge or Fabric

Minecraft 1.19.4
S Catalogue 1.7.0
Minecraft 1.19.3
S Catalogue 1.7.0
Minecraft 1.19.2
S Catalogue 1.7.0
Minecraft 1.19
S Catalogue 1.6.3

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S = Stable

B = Beta

A = Alpha