Download Backpacked for Minecraft 1.18.2


S Backpacked v2.1.3

Minecraft 1.18.2
Modloader forge
  • 📖 Changelog
    What's new in this version
  • ✨ Added config option to generate emeralds only in Wandering Trader backpack
    📦 Updated ru_ru lang (Thanks vanja-san)
    📦 Updated zh_cn lang (Thanks kemoyue)
    📦 Updated en_gb lang (Thanks Natick Plays)
    🐛 Fixed crash when using Repairman enchantment
    🐛 Fixed loot in a Wandering Traders backpack generating items with a stack count greater than it's max
    🐛 Fixed an issue when two config options had the same name causing them to share the same value
    🐛 Fixed an issue when using Curios, an item in the back slot could be overriden when taking a backpack off a shelf
  • 📦 Dependencies
    Mods you may be required to install
  • Dependencies

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