What is the Community Edition?

The Community Edition of MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod is a mod which by the all content is decided and created by the community. This means that you can design a piece of furniture or decoration (using MrCrayfish's Model Creator) and decide it's functionality. The model is then decided by the community using an upvote system and the top models will be added.

How is it Going to Work?

The idea is for each month to have a set theme that furniture and decorations must be based around. This will create a diverse range of content for the mod, and will also test the creativity of modelers. Of course, you will be creditted for contributing as I want to recognise the amazing talent we have in the Minecraft community.

When will Submissions be Open?

Currently right now there is still quite a lot of planning and development to do before I can open submissions. I am developing right now a system to handle the submission of models, upvotes, etc and this is not a simple task. I aim to hopefully get it open before December.

What will the first Theme be?

Well you're in luck because it's going to be the Basics, so chairs, tables, lights, etc. They should have really simple functionality, or even none at all, just aesthetics. So what are you waiting for? Get a head start and start designing some models!

What's next?

I highly suggest you follow MrCrayfish on Twitter as he will post news and updates about the mod following up to opening of submissions. Otherwise keep checking back here for any changes.